Prof. Dr. Buket Akkoyunlu
Çankaya University

Dr Akkoyunlu is working as a professor in the Faculty of Art and Science at Çankaya University. She is teaching and supervising on e-learning, instructional design, development and evaluation of instructional materials, adult education related courses both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Her main research areas include web based learning, multi media learning, instructional design, development and evaluation of instructional materials, curriculum and instruction, information literacy, scientific communication. She has conducted research and published articles and books in the field of educational technology, web based learning, multimedia- learning, information literacy and curriculum studies. She is involved in EU projects. (e.g., S-TEAM, SAILS and MaScil, Smart Kids). She is dean of Art and Science at Çankaya University since 2017, and she is also board member of Turkish Higher Education Quality Council.


Title of Speech: Lifelong learning in a digitalized world

Prof. Dr. Semra Mirici

Gazi University

Prof. Dr. Semra Mirici is a full time professor at Gazi University Gazi Faculty of Education, Department of Biology Education in Ankara, Turkey. She is also the board member of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI) Turkish Chapter. She has been lecturing at different universities in Turkey such as Kirikkale University, Akdeniz University and Gazi University for about 30 years. She has had administrative positions such as the Vice Dean, the Chair Department, and the Coordinator of Teacher Training Programs. She has published several articles in national and international academic journals. She has coordinated or participated in the steering committees of several national and international science projects. Her fields of interests are Biology Education, Plant Biotechnology, and STEM Education.

Title of Speech: “21st Century skılls and science education.”

Prof. Dr. Gülsün Atanur Baskan

Okan Üniversitesi, Türkiye

Prof. Dr. Gülsün Atanur Baskan graduated from Ankara University in 1974. She completed her master degree in Education Management and Planning at Ankara University in 1985. She got her doctorate at Hacettepe University in 1990. She became professor at Hacettepe University in 1999. Atanur Baskan's research interests include teacher training, supervision in education management, and higher education. Professor Gülsün Baskan has worked as a special manager of the Higher Education Institution (YÖK) until 2008. She is a part-time instructor at Near East University. And a full time instructor at the Okan University.